Can't edit PR and change merge branch if code is already merged

Issue #16363 closed
Alexander Karaivanov
created an issue

To reproduce:

  • create PR with feature branch that shall be merge to branch A
  • merge code to branch B
  • edit PR and try to edit merge branch from branch A to branch B
  • at bottom of page BB displays
    "No commits on feature-branch-name-here that aren't on merge-branch-here"
    and disables Update pull request button

Expected behaviour:

  • I shall be able to edit PR and change in what branch code shall be merged even if code is already merged

Comments (6)

  1. Alexander Karaivanov reporter

    Sure. Lets say I create a PR which has target branch A. A little time passes and we decide that the correct target branch is B. If I forget to update the PR and just merge the code to B, then I cannot longer edit the PR and correct the target branch. If I get into this situation I as the author of the PR just decline the PR even though it was reviewed and approved, just to get rid of the PR that indicates wrong target branch.

  2. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Got it, thanks for the explanation.

    At this time I don't think we plan to solve for this edge case. I think declining is the expected result here. We are considering renaming "decline" to "close" which would make this a bit less weird.

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