Repositories can't be in more than one Project.

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Following on from this question I recently started using the Projects feature, and I think it's great. However, we have some issues with it.


  1. Repositories can't be in more than one project.

    1. Suggestion: allow repos to be in multiple projects.
    2. Usecase: we are migrating our CI over to bitbucket pipelines. It'd be great to have a projects to track all repos that don't have bitbucket pipelines. That way it'd be easy to track our progress and see what repos still need to be updated. However, that would mean we can't have those repos be in any other project, which is an issue for us since we already use projects to group certain types of repo together, for example, all of our puppet repos are grouped together in a project.
  2. You can't remove a repository from a project without deleting it or moving it to a different project.

    1. Suggestion: allow repos to be removed from projects and exist outside any project
    2. Usecase: human error. I've added repos to a project on error, only to find I can't undo that mistake. I can only move the repo to another project or delete the repo. There are some repos that just don't belong in any project. It should be possible to remove them from a project without deleting them.
  3. You can't delete a project without deleting or moving all the repositories it contains.

    1. Suggestion: allow projects to be deleted or archived without moving or deleting every repo in the project
    2. Usecase: In some cases a project can be completely finished but the repos should still exist after the project is completed. For example. maybe your org needs to do a large scale audit of every repo that has a production instance. It would make sense to group them together using a project. You could argue that you could add the repos at the start and remove them one by one as you go through the audit. However, if there is a final sign off stage by higher management, as there usually is with audits, it'd make sense to leave all repos in the project until that sign off has been done, and then delete the project but not the repos once the process is complete.

I know this seems like a lot of requests, but I think all of these could be satisfied with minimal changes, by making it so that projects contain links to repos, rather than direct copyies.

Thanks for reading.

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