Allow moving individual tickets over to another repository (BB-759)

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Christopher Grebs created an issue

It would be very cool if I can move tickets over to another repository.

See for example you have a main branch of your project and someone creates a new fork to add some cool new features. Now a user reports a bug regarding that new repository while that bug exists in the main branch too. This is obviously wrong and should be moved to the main repository since the aim of that fork is just not fixing annoying bugs.

There are plenty other examples I miss right now but that feature would be very cool!

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  1. tim uy

    Are individual issue transfers working yet? The import/export feature is helpful but "Importing issues destroys existing issues in the tracker." Srsly?

  2. Erik van Zijst

    @tofutim The importer/exporter is meant to move issue trackers. It is not intended to selectively move individual issues (which is what the reporter of this issue requested).

    If dropping the issues from the source repo is undesired when using the exporter to move an issue tracker elsewhere, then hat exactly are you after? Are you looking to replicate entire issue trackers?

  3. tim uy

    I just want to move an individual issue placed in the incorrect repository. It would be nice to be able to select a set of issues (in my case 5) and then move them completely into another repository.

    None of these have any commits attached to them. They were literally entered one hour ago.

  4. Erik van Zijst

    Exactly and that is what this issue is for. Also, the importer/exporter is really not meant for that.

  5. Sean Harris

    This would be very helpful as our projects are typically broken out into multiple repos and our QA team doesn't always know where to file the issue.

  6. Marcus Liebhardt

    This would be very helpful as our projects are typically broken out into multiple repos and our QA team doesn't always know where to file the issue.

    Even among engineers/programmers it's not always clear were to put issues (at first).

  7. Alex Yumas

    +1 would love this feature.

    PS. looks like all the development has been frozen after bitbucket has been acquired by Atlassian. Lots of issues are hanging for years.

  8. Leonardo Brambilla

    I'm looking for this feature now =) In my case, I have a new "evolution" a project, changed technology then created a new repository, it would be fantastic to being able of moving some of the issues over to the new repo. Thanks

  9. John Friday

    +1 I doubt this fits easily into the standard repo structure but when its needed its extremely handly

  10. Cheryl Quirion

    +1 - this would be extremely useful. We have many repositories and often issues get put in the wrong one.

  11. Xedin Unknown

    Tickets themselves have nothing to do with the actual "repo" mechanics of the repo. Therefore, it shouldn't be a real problem to accomplish.

  12. Darin Markus

    whatever attention needs drawn to this issue to get it some attention and an implementation.
    Looking forward to having this feature real soon. (are you listening Atlassian? #hint)
    Thank you.

  13. Alex Yumas

    Guys. If you're not going to implement the feature - at least have the guts to say so.

    P.S. Funny story. My company (sorta) competes with Atlassian (we sell a helpdesk system) and every time someone says "Heeey, aren't you afraid competeting with a jumbo corporation?"

    No we freaking aren't. They screw up every product they buy. Now, they recently acquired Trello. Waiting for Trello to go belly up :((

  14. Former user Account Deleted

    why hasn't this been done yet? oh i know why, they want us to use the awful Jira software.

  15. Sean Harris

    The only reason I’m still subscribed to this ticket is due to the emotional attachment I’ve made to the community over these long hopeless years. I’m tearing up.

  16. Peter Devoy

    Watching for the lolz but if anyone needs this super badly why not write a GreaseMonkey/etc userscript to do it using the BitBucket API?


    //on DOM ready
    add <select> element and <button>move</button> to page
    GET auth token
    GET list of repositories and add them as <select> options
    //on button click:
    GET issue object from API using info from document.location
    POST issue object to selected <option>
        //on success:
            /*delete the issue or add a comment with link to new issue and close*/
  17. david

    @Peter Devoy LOL, if you need to operate a computer, why not creating an operating system from scratch?

    This is a feature request and hence this issue fits perfectly.

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