Sharing pipeline time with members

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Christopher Hunt created an issue

Hi there,

As a paid user, is there a means by which I can share the pipeline time associated with my account, with its members?

Cheers, -C

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  1. Aneita Yang staff

    Hi @Christopher Hunt,

    Thanks for reaching out. When you use Pipelines, the build minutes come from the repository owner's included minutes. For example, if you own the repository test-repo and other Bitbucket users have access the repository, your build minutes will be used when they use Pipelines for test-repo. An alternative to having members work off of your personal account is to create a team account in Bitbucket which will give you additional benefits like:

    • Create and share access to your team's repositories.
    • Create projects to organize and focus your teams work.
    • Set specific permissions for different roles or feature teams.
    • Manage your team's costs with a single user plan.
    • Integrate your team's projects with services like Jira Software and Hipchat/Stride.

    For Pipelines, this also means that the team account has the Pipelines minutes. The minutes can then be used across all repositories that are created under the team account, regardless of which user in the team created the repository. You can create a team by clicking the + icon in the left-hand navigation in Bitbucket.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.


  2. Christopher Hunt reporter

    I may be missing something… However, our practice is to fork a repo and push pull requests there. What’d be great is to have a means whereby the forked repo could utilise the organisation’s build minutes.

    Not possible?

  3. Aneita Yang staff

    Hey Christopher,

    When you fork a repository, you can specify an 'owner' of the forked repo. So long as the user is part of the organisation, they can select the organisation as the owner of the fork, and hence use the organisation's build minutes.

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