Pull request inline comment reply broken

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Ronny Vedrilla
created an issue

Hi there,

when I try to reply to a comment made from somebody to a specific LOC inside a pull request the "reply" link is broken.

Nothing happens except the url gets a new anchor "#reply".

Replying to regular pull request comments does work btw.

Tested on Win10 Pro with Firefox (latest) & Chrome (latest).

I see it as a kind of critical bug because we cannot use our code review process as usual.

Thanks for fixing the issue!

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff
    • changed status to open

    Hi Ronny

    We've heard reports of this but only when browser extensions are enabled. Do you have any browser extensions enabled that might be affecting this?


  2. Ronny Vedrilla reporter

    Hi @alwilkes,

    thanks for the reply. Well, I'm using some addons but it didn't work in two browser for me and my colleague and my client both tried it out as well. I guess the chance that we all have the same addon in common is quite small?

    I'm using Adblock Ultimate and 1Password in Firefox AND Chrome.

    Hope this helps Best regards Ronny

  3. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi @Ronny Vedrilla

    Thanks for the reply. I should have been more specific, I was really looking for if you had any browser extensions that specifically target Bitbucket (of which there are a few). It sounds like you don't!

    We're not seeing this on a widespread basis, so it's a bit hard to track down. Are there any errors in your JavaScript console? (Same question for @Manuel Gräber)

    Thanks for your help,

  4. Michael Wheeler

    I think I'm encountering this issue as well. Unable to comment on LOC in Chrome (but Firefox is working). No JS errors in the console.

    FF shows an extra warning that does not appear in Chrome...

    Successfully compiled asm.js code (total compilation time 0ms; not stored in cache (too small to benefit))
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