Page with list of all repositories you have access to (BB-760)

Issue #1647 resolved
Ian Bicking
created an issue

I was given access to a handful of repositories for a project, but they aren't my projects. My "Repositories" drop-down is too long to show even my repositories, and then these repositories are well off the bottom.

If you click "Repositories" you end up at which is a kind of pointless page (994 pages of repositories?) -- it would be better to give a list of repositories I have access to.

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  1. Eirik Stavem
    • changed status to open

    We should definitely make improvements to the repositories-dropdown, and have discussed different types of grouping, but it also makes sense to have the "Repositories" link point you to a list of repos you own and ones you have access to (and possibly also ones you follow etc), and then have a link from that page to "All public repositories" or something like that.

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