Allow mounting subdirectories of $BITBUCKET_CLONE_DIR for Docker run [REOPENED]

Issue #16470 duplicate
DmytroS created an issue

This it the same ticket as Issue #15508. It was resolved but looks like the problem occurs again.

We noticed it today (12.06.2018) as we use docker volumes as subdirectories of the $BITBUCKET_CLONE_DIR.

Problem description:

Using following command in the Bitbucket Pipeline script:

          - mkdir -p $BITBUCKET_CLONE_DIR/test-results
          - docker run --name mysql -v="$BITBUCKET_CLONE_DIR/test-results:/app/test-results" -d -p 3327:3306 mysql:5.7.18

We get the error:

Error response from daemon: authorization denied by plugin pipelines: -v only supports $BITBUCKET_CLONE_DIR.

@phodder @nburrell Please take a look and advise.

Thank you in advance and have a great day!

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  1. Matt Groot

    We also started seeing this issue today when attempting to run a postgres:9.6-alpine container in bitbucket pipelines.

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