Viewing pull requests in Bit Bucket

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Praveen Gudi
created an issue

Hi , I am sorry to say that the new Bit bucket view is pathetic. I did not like this view. I would like to see the files in a pull request at one place. Also, I would like to see if it is added, deleted or modified or if the file actually contains conflicts. This is very important mainly for the files involving conflicts. I would get back the older view. Please tell me how I can get that ?

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi Praveen,

    Thanks for your feedback about the new view. It is a work in progress that we're testing with select users, and we will be adding conflict indicators very soon.

    I'm a bit confused by your feedback regarding seeing all the files in a pull request, and whether they are added/modified. You should be able to see those in the Files card in the right sidebar - is that not showing for you?

    Again, we'll be adding conflict indicators very soon - plus lots of other useful features. However, if you'd like to opt-out in the meantime, navigate to and disable the "New pull request view" feature - either on your account, or on a team account for which you are an administrator. If you are not an administrator of the team, ask your team admin to disable the feature. You can also view PRs in the old view on an ad-hoc basis using the link in the Feedback card in the right sidebar.


  2. Praveen Gudi reporter

    Hi , Thanks for your reply. I am not getting the option of disabling new pull request view in bit bucket. Is it for only admins ? If this new view is enabled only for select users , then I would like to be removed from this list. I would like to get back to the old bit bucket view at the earliest.

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