support ssh keys per repository without requiring pipelines

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Al Sko
created an issue

I have my own Jenkins server and I want to do "git push" to my Bitbucket repo using ssh keys. I don't want to use my personal ssh key though because I have multiple repos and multiple Jenkins jobs, projects and whatnot.

when I go to Bitbucket web site to create an ssh key that would be specific to a repo, I see it requires Pipelines to be enabled, which means adding a pipeline yaml file and so on. I don't want to use Pipelines for this project.

are you planning to support ssh keys with access control per repository?

I want to create several ssh keys and define permissions per repo and per Jenkins job type, e.g. "ssh key for REPO x with PUSH permission"

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi there,

    Hmm - you shouldn't need to enable Pipelines to add an SSH key. You should be able to add an SSH key to the Access keys section regardless. Can you try that?


  2. Al Sko reporter

    "Access keys" page says:

    Use access keys to gain read-only access to this repository. Learn more about using SSH keys.

    e.g. for this repo

    I need ssh keys with READ/WRITE access, not just read-only "access keys". and if I go to "ssh" page , it says

    Pipelines uses an SSH key pair and known host information to securely connect to other services and hosts. Read more about SSH keys in Pipelines. You need to enable Pipelines for this repository to add SSH keys.

    also, I need those read-write ssh keys to be specific to a repo, not just reuse the same personal ssh key for multiple repositories, groups, teams, etc

  3. Brian Lamb

    Im looking for this same functionality. have a team, want to allow per repo keys, since repos are by client, and clients arent bit bucket users, and dont want cross access. .

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