Gay pride logo is offensive

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Beniamin Kis
created an issue

Why on earth would Atlassian go on with displaying a gay pride logo on the official website?

Please remove it. It's offensive to straight people.

Official response

  • Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi there!

    The updated logo is in honor of the pride celebrations here in San Francisco. From time to time we add images to the push process and/or UI to recognize holidays and current events.

    It is simply a nod to the great diversity of our customers, employees, and integrators.

    The logo will be restored back to our normal Bitbucket logo next week.


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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi there!

    The updated logo is in honor of the pride celebrations here in San Francisco. From time to time we add images to the push process and/or UI to recognize holidays and current events.

    It is simply a nod to the great diversity of our customers, employees, and integrators.

    The logo will be restored back to our normal Bitbucket logo next week.


  2. Cvetomir Lazarov

    @Vsevolod Tarasov It shows up only the first time you push. Then they hide it, but it's annoying. I'm okay with the logo on BitBucket, but printing shit in the console is not okay.

    EDIT: Actually, that's not true. It shows up every f-ing time. Come on, Atlassian... Enough is enough.

  3. Anonymous

    Very offensive! I do not want a politically correct message or whatever you call it in my workflow. I will remove my repositories immediately from Bitbucket!

  4. Pan da

    Im tottaly gainst putting "random" images to my workflow. You should disable it or at least have a option to enable or disable it. Please on future events, refrain to include this and whatever event is on a given time. Thanks.

  5. Sanny Sanoff

    Homosex pride is bad because it always happens at others expense.

    Pride is also the one and the first of 7 deadly sins.

    Bitbucket pride knows no limits over country boundaries. Too sinful.

  6. King Ifrit
    git clone git@[|]:<name>/<repo>.git
    cd <repo>
    git remote set-url origin<name>/<repo>.git
    git push --all origin
    # [ delete repos from bitubcket / github]

    Looking like the only solution that cares about developers at this point.

  7. Artem Borisovskiy

    I don't have anything against gays, but what the hell is with the console messages on push? How are sex issues related to development? FFS be sensible, I'm tired of that SJW bullshit forced upon people everywhere. The only message your banner conveys is: "Gays are annoying".

  8. R Tse

    I am cool with this. I am not offended by the colors on the logo and don't see a reason why I should be. The console output is pretty cool too. It is fun to see seasonal changes. Keep them coming!

    (PS. If the logo says "heterosexual is deadly sin" (like a certain comment above does), now that would be real annoying, off-limit, off-boundary, and extremely offensive.)

  9. David Goss

    The console message was irritating, but only because it was so big.

    I don't really like to see out-of-place things like this on the console, because it disrupts work (I didn't know what it was, and thought it was some error at first). Basically, anything on this console that isn't ordinary makes me stop and say "wait, what is this--what did I break now"

    I like the rainbow icon on the web app though.

  10. Oleg Zech

    Can you guys get rid of this shit? It offenses my muslim beliefs for Muhammad's sake! Go be rtarded in your own office. If I want to pay to see propaganda I will subscribe to Washington comPost, not to Atlassian account. I dont geive a flying fuck over rolling donut about some celebration in some shithole. Im a developer from the other side of the world, you sodomian infidels. Nice colors tho

  11. yykrn

    companies should be impartial to all their customers. The moves made in favor of one side will do more harm than good for them in the long run.

  12. Charles Gutjahr

    I do not find the pride logo offensive either. I think it's great that Bitbucket used the logo this week, because our industry can be unwelcoming to people who aren't straight males... as some of the comments on this issue demonstrate. I hope you keep celebrating diversity like this until the tech industry welcomes everyone as equals.

  13. Sebastian Lutter

    There are places for this like Twitter, Facebook, but to use a git remote message for this is dump, ignorant and shows Atlassian has no sense for its customers or professional workflows. Bad work, annoying and disturbing place for your personal opinion.

  14. Artur Stępień

    Is the whole June is a "LGBT" month? Or I am missing something. I have nothing for a occasional icon change, even for the rainbow. But that is going too far. How long will it take? Will you do the same for Christmas? Easter? Ramadan? If you push this rainbow logo for so long when it is referred to 1 day celebration. Will you do a month for Christmas, 4 weeks for Easter same for Ramadan? I hope you will. Because if not, it just prove you are hypocrites. This is pushing your own believes to the customers. And that is a poooor business plan.

  15. Sebastian Lutter

    @Carlos Eduardo Fernandes Zanella Sending political messages through error and info API channels is a bug, I don't care if someone is gay or not. Concluding that removing the pride logo is dump and stupid, despite of any context or if it disturbs automated workflows, makes no sense to me.

    I have work to do, not political wars to fight here

  16. Vladimir Gorea

    I don't have a problem with being gay, trans, pink, aliens, indian, blue, whatever. I have gay friends, i listen to gay music, i have pink shorts, but don't stuff this SJW propaganda into my eyes, please. This propaganda come along with being shamed for "white privilege" and with neo-marxist ideology. Let's just be people with one another without being forced to have marxist symbols in our terminals, can we?

  17. Beniamin Kis reporter

    @Carlos Eduardo Fernandes Zanella that's your opinion. All this gay pride is bull***t. Pride of what? That they like to get it in their bottoms?

    Why isn't there a caucasian pride, or a black pride, or an asian pride? Why does anyone feel the urge/need to enforce their sexual orientation on someone?

    Why isn't there a straight pride? Or a zoophile pride? Or a pedophile pride? In some countries is legal to have sex with minors. Does that mean that everybody should agree with that? Does that mean that when I push my code to a Source code provider, I should see a dude screwing a little kid?

    What is wrong with the world?

  18. Carlos Eduardo Fernandes Zanella

    @Beniamin Kis I really didn't want to have to explain because I feel that none of you would understand or even want to try to understand... but what the hell, let's give it a shot.

    People in the LGBTQ community suffer every day. Always have, for centuries. They suffer from prejudice, violence, bullying, death threats and actual murder. They literally fear for their lives just for being who they are.

    They don't have the same basic privileges as you and I, such as walking in the street or kissing somebody without being harassed, or fearing that they might lose their jobs or getting a lower pay for not being heterossexual, and so forth. They get a lot of sh*t from people that just don't understand their point of view.

    Hence the need for campaigns like Pride Day (or Month), the parades and this alternative Atlassian logo. The scale is (and have always been) tilted towards heterossexuals, when it should be balanced - everybody should get the same basic rights and benefits. So, a special effort is needed to put the social scale in the position where it should be. It's simply the LGBTQ community replying to all the bigotry that they suffer, saying that there's no shame in being gay or transgender. And the opposite of shame is pride.

    That's also why there isn't a "caucasian pride" day or parade or whatever - because they don't need to. When was the last time that you got punched by someone in the street just for being white? Or heterossexual?

    And yes, Bitbucket (including its CLI) is also a place for this kind of campaign. There's no "appropriate place" for this kind of manifestation; people from the LGBTQ community are everywhere, including here in the Tech world. Actually, some of the best, most talented devs I had the honor to work with are gay or transgender people.

    It's all just a matter of stepping out of your bubble and trying to see that the world that other people live in is not as good and safe as yours. Hope you can do it, or at least try to.

    Have a good day!

  19. Brandin Arsenault

    @Beniamin Kis If it isn't already apparent or hasn't already been explained, asking for a Heterosexual Pride Day falls into the same line of questioning as to why there isn't a White History Month but there's a Black History Month.

    While it should be obvious, here it is, kids: heterosexuality has not been repressed, oppressed, marginalized, and stigmatized in the way that homosexuality, bisexuality, being lesbian, and being transgender or gender variant has. How many people have been killed for being straight in comparison to how many have been murdered for being LGBT?

    And for those of you threatening to take your business away from this company, I am more than positive they'd be happy to see your uneducated, disrespectful self elsewhere.

  20. Artur Stępień

    I will repeat. Throwing on some ones face the LGBT logo as equality and tolerance "logo" is just plain hypocrisy. You're doing exactly what you are against ...

    @Adam Robins "under-developed, under-educated countries. " that is f** rasist mister freedom and tolerance.

  21. Vladimir Gorea

    To all these self pretentious people that like to feel better about themselves by accusing others of backwardness: ALL KIND OF PEOPLE HAVE BEEN PERSECUTED AND KILLED ACROSS THE AGES! WE ARE PASSED THAT NOW! It's illegal to kill, attack or to show aggression towards someone no matter the reason, that's that. Stop being attention whores and demanding that all people should share your ideas about the world. Fix world problems if you want to draw more sympathy, don't push propaganda in my git messages. Wtf?!

    If you're offended by the tone of this message here's a sausage:


  22. Carlton McFarlane

    @Vladimir Gorea "all kinds of people have been persecuted and killed across the ages... we are past that now**".

    Really? We are past that? So people don't get persecuted and killed any more? Well, great! Fantastic to know it's all sorted now.

    Wow. Just wow.

  23. Tim Danhof

    Downvote for me on changing the logo for any reason. I'm here to store my code and if Atlassian would rather propagandize ... er ... I mean "celebrate diversity" then focus on that then I will be moving along. Have your fun, flaunt your agenda, push your politics, but do it where I don't need to be a part of it while using your product. Or give me the option to shut it off.

  24. Carlton McFarlane

    @Vladimir Gorea I totally understand your point-of-view. And, for what it's worth, I also agree with the part of @Tim Danhof's point where he suggests that the user should have the option not to receive the messages, if they really feel offended or inconvenienced by them. Some above have mentioned it is possible, but seemingly not without losing some other useful functionality, which seems wrong.

    However, I must reiterate, that comments like yours above about persecution no longer existing are as dangerous and inaccurate as they are flippant, and that should be immediately obvious to anyone who has picked up a newspaper (of any political leaning), gone on Reddit or spoken to anyone from a marginalised group recently.

    One final point, for those who believe in neat separations in our lives, or otherwise choose to put their heads in the sand: life is political. I'm afraid there's no avoiding it. And to address that fact is not always propaganda (although it can be, of course).

    I don't say that to patronise, but to highlight the fact that what happens to people at work, at school, at the bus stop... is often literally political. Some have power and some don't. Sometimes this is because those people choose to cultivate and chase power, which would be a matter for propaganda. Often times though, it's just because of what skin colour/genitals they have or who they are attracted to. That's not cool.

    As a community (of developers), which I believe we are - just check Stack Overflow or open-source out - we are not immune to this, as much as we might like to believe that. Some user of Bitbucket, somewhere, likely right now, is behaving with prejudice towards a fellow Bitbucket user because that fellow user is homosexual. And that's why, I believe, it's a good thing that Bitbucket remind us every now and again to have conversations (like the ones above), which are always healthy, when conducted in a respectful manner. Even if we don't agree.

  25. Oleg Zech

    @Carlton McFarlane As a community of developers we dont give a damn about gay pride ride somewhere in in the US and we are refusing to participate in this stupid propaganda shoveled down our throat, whats too difficult to understand? What does it have to do AT ALL with persecution of anyone?

    Are the naked guys running with bird feathers stuffed into their assholes, shouting that they are normal (and Im not) a "pride of gay" ? Heck man, talk to few real gays and they will find it as offensive as everyone else. Gayness is a bullshit smoke screen for total fuckin social deviants, that only by conicidence are gay. Did you ever see this parade?

    In the same way refusing feminists doesnt mean refusing women. We are refusing group of retarded idividuals using their sexuality/status/whatever as a cover to express things none of the normal people wants to deal with, thats it. And yes, by "normal people" I mean regular everyday gay guys as well.

  26. Carlton McFarlane

    @Oleg Zech "As a community of developers, we don't give a damn..."

    I won't even get into your personal opinions, since you're perfectly entitled to them. But you asked what's too difficult to understand, so I will just pick two things that don't make sense to me in what you expressed:

    1. You start by writing on behalf of "we" - how do you presume to speak on behalf of the community of developers? I'm unsure what the gay pride ride is, but I'm neither American, nor in the US either... am I not part of the community? Or am I excluded because my view is the opposite of yours? If not, who is in the community and what is the entrance criteria?
    2. I (honestly) consider myself a feminist. And, no, I'm not a woman either. So, according to you, does that mean I'm retarded? I'm "none of the normal people"?

    I'm genuinely just trying to understand your point-of-view.

  27. Oleg Zech

    @Carlton McFarlane 1. You started "As a community (of developers), which I believe we are " 2. You consider yourself a modern 3rd wave feminist? You know - not shaving, be proud of your intimate diseases, promoting "open bleeding" - meaning refusing wearing pods/tampons and forcing men into relationships with 180kg landwhales because it's sexist not to do so? Serisously? Are you coding in fukin Microsoft Cobol or what?

    Yeah I dare you: say you are one of those promoting it (thats what feminists now do, right?). Just do it. And then answer to your own last question, after considering (Google will help) what means "normal" (hint: standard pattern based on average)

  28. Sanny Sanoff

    @Carlton McFarlane

    I'm genuinely just trying to understand your point-of-view.

    I'll explain. Assume some "coprophagia is normal" movement stole the "pink heart" symbol, and it now means "coprophagia pride" movement's emblem. Assume ALL western mainstream media supports it and some people in your own country begin to become pro-heart people, even if they are not doing this themselves. Assume doctors in many countries change their books and public sniffing but not eating is not a mental disease anymore. Assume their "prides" marching on your street with brown colour mixed with pink hearts dominating. Assume they openly speak about that in the office and insist that life is politics.

    Of course it's disgusting, unless your brain is in "total tolerance" mode which is what real goal is. I'm afraid this comment can be shut down by discourse moderators because it may offend them, even while their rainbow offends others. I assume this whole thread can closed down by tolerant/inclusive moderators. This is my effort to bring our point of view.

  29. Dovydas Gulbinas

    If you are so aligned with your liberal values, please give me statistics on how many LGBT members are using BitBucket. I bet it is less than 5%. So why bother pissing of another 95% percent and intruding their daily work with your agenda? There is nothing brave courageous in forcing other people to accept your beliefs.

    -- Hip Hooray! GayBucket, Hip Hooray!

  30. Tim Danhof

    You may not need to work in a professional environment, however, I do and my selection of Bitbucket for our repo means that I am tacitly tied to anything you do. I've got plenty of my own opinions and beliefs and I would never even think about tying those to my work product. I would never presume to speak for or represent my customers' beliefs nor would I ask them to endorse or support mine in a professional capacity. I have code for which I needed a cloud-based repository and I selected your product for that purpose. When I am asked why that repository also comes with a political/sexual agenda attached I simply don't have a good answer. I love your passion and I love your product. I understand that it is that same passion that makes it a good product and I would never ask you to compromise that. I would respectfully ask though that you consider the diversity of beliefs represented by everyone using your product and keep your passion for the product with the product and your personal passions in your personal outlets. I appreciate the fact that the logo has been restored to its typical state today. Thank you.

  31. TerryDiF NA

    Sounds like a bunch of people here are being extremely triggered by seeing an ascii rainbow for one day of their miserable lives. Those people should probably get a grip on life.

    To the Atlassian staff: I'm glad to see that BitBucket supports pride! Don't let these weirdly sensitive dudes stop you from putting fun, positive easter eggs into your software!

  32. Juan Fuentes

    @TerryDiF NA more like 4 times each day of our miserable lives, that's the issue. Other years I've seen it a couple of times and everything ok, this time I've been interrupted more than once by a junior developer panicking because his/her terminal broke xD

  33. TerryDiF NA

    @Juan Fuentes Each day? It was for one day. Also that's not "the issue," the title of this thread is that the logo is offensive, not intrusive. If there was a message that said "Hello from your friends at BitBucket!" for one day, no one would have created a whiny thread about it.

  34. Tim Danhof

    @TerryDiF NA NA "Whiny thread"? Look, I get it, this doesn't impact you on a business level so you are here only to emote and argue with people. Regardless of the title of the thread, this is where the discussion is happening and all some of us are doing is trying to make a rational business case for keeping it professional and moving opinions, life-lessons, "celebrations", etc. to another forum. Something to maybe ask yourself in order help you relate better within a community of other people having diverse opinions is to put the shoe on the other foot; what if they had put an NRA logo or something else up there? I suspect you might agree with me then that this isn't the forum for that.

  35. TerryDiF NA

    This is definitely a whiny thread. The OP didn't make this thread because it impacted him on a business level, but because it offended him on a personal level. I actually agree with you that an option to shut off easter eggs would be best if it's affecting someone's workflow, but a good portion of people on this thread aren't talking about that. Those people need to chill out.

    If they put an NRA logo on there I wouldn't complain publicly about being offended, that's for sure.

  36. Carlton McFarlane

    @Tim Danhof fwiw, totally understand your point about your reputation being tied to whatever the product presents if you select the product. hadn't thought of that at all. hopefully the team would not assume that you support every agenda Atlassian has. totally fair point though.

  37. Carlton McFarlane

    @Oleg Zech i said i believe we are a community. the logical conclusion isn't that Oleg Zech gets to appoint him/herself that community's spokesperson. sorry. also, i think your feminist stereotypes could use a little reboot, but whatever. the hope was for respectful (even intelligent?) conversation about an issue important for everyone above to spend the best part of two days tossing it around. that hope is clearly lost.

    @Dovydas Gulbinas no one forced you to accept their beliefs. that would be tough, even in a totalitarian regime. this isn't a cult. it's some ascii art.

    @Jan Cássio :)

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