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Issue #1657 duplicate

can't authorize through https

Tania Abanina
created an issue

When trying to clone or push via https, after typing my password I receive following error: {{{ http authorization required realm: Bitbucket.org HTTP user: tataata abort: authorization failed [command interrupted] }}}

This is an error I receive from TortoiseHG on Windows 7, while trying to push. If I am trying to clone on my VPS (Ubuntu 9.04) I get the following: {{{ interrupted: authorization failed }}}

I thought that maybe my password is wrong, so I changed it on the website. I can login to the website with new password, but https authorization still fails.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

Comments (6)

  1. Paul Bissex

    Same problem here. Thank goodness the zipped source downloads are there as a fallback, but...

    Result via https: `abort: authorization failed`

    Result via ssh: `abort: no suitable response from remote hg!`

  2. crome

    The same issue. I use http proxy server. And I have checked that it works good when I use SOCKS5 proxy server (via tunelling program, checkbox 'use proxy' is unchecked). But when I use http proxy without authorization the message appear: abort: authorization failed [command interrupted]

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