UI not showing any error when SSH key added to Bitbucket (BBCS-40)

Issue #16572 resolved
Ronald Chia staff created an issue

Bitbucket Cloud shows the following error in the browser console instead of showing on the Bitbucket UI.

  • SSH key is invalid
  • Someone has already added that SSH key to another account.
  • Someone has already added that access key to this repository

Hence, the "Loading" icon keeps spinning and users would need to open Browser console to identify what caused the issue.

Images: SSH key error.gif

SSH-key another account.PNG SSH-key another access key.PNG

Official response

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  1. Gary Sackett staff

    Hi Everyone,

    We have confirmed that this is a bug with our error message handling on this page. We should be displaying a useful error stating that you are trying to add a key that already exists, or is a duplicate.

    We are working on a fix currently, and should have it deployed tomorrow during PST hours.

    Cheers, Gary

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