toc on page with milestones results in mess

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I have a page like this:

{{{ <<toc>>

== Milestones ==

blah blah

=== 0 ===

blah blah

<<milestone 0>>

=== 1 ===

blah blah

<<milestone 1>> }}}

It goes all the way to 4 plus another two. Riveting stuff. Anyway the TOC macro completely messes up. Sections where the milestone list is empty show up ok in the toc, but if there are any matching tickets then they get expanded into the toc too in a mangled form making an awful mess.

An example page is in a private repository.

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  1. Eirik Stavem
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    Jesper, to reproduce:

    • Create a milestone with the name "0"
    • Add an issue for this milestone
    • Create a wiki-page with this content:
    == 0 : First milestone ==
    <<milestone 0>>
    == 1 : Second milestone ==
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