PHP highlight in diffs seems to be broken

Issue #16637 duplicate
Lynn van der Berg created an issue

Heya, I'm fairly new here so first of all, I would like to add some feedback as I'm not sure where to do this properly:

This doesn't seem to be the intended behavior to me.

My actual bug report is rather simple, it seems like the PHP highlights are not working in pull requests. Whenever I make a pull request and view it (either the PR or the commits, doesn't matter) or when I try to review another pull request, it looks like it has no highlight at all, so I guess it doesn't detect the PHP files? This makes reviewing really annoying.

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  1. Alastair Wilkes

    Agreed - the breadcrumbs are not particularly useful for navigating this public issue tracker, which is a bit of unique case in comparison to how Bitbucket's usually used (ironically!).

    Separately, we currently don't support syntax highlighting in diffs, but it's something we'd like to add soon.

  2. Lynn van der Berg reporter

    How soon is soon? Because the other issue is from 2013 and this feature is rather basic and critical. Pretty much every other tool I've ever used before to review, supports this highlight.

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