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A little related to <<issue 573>> except I don't care about scrum and all the attendant complications.

Firstly milestones are currently somewhat unusable because they are sorted into ascii order when dealing with a ticket. Entering bugs in this project is a good demonstration. There is also a desire for some sort of summary and a longer description - again note milestones for this project. (The summary is a pain because if you use the milestone wiki macro then you also have to get that right, and correct on any wiki pages using it.)

The trac roadmap - - is nice and suitably simple. Each milestone has a name, summary, description and target date. Sorting can use target date and then ascii order (although understanding numbers within would also be good). A report like that one (including completion statistics) is then trivial to generate and gives a good project management overview. This is important to those of us with commercial projects. (I have a hand written wiki page trying to approximate it, but it is a pain to maintain.)

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