dissapearing comments on Pull Requests

Issue #16699 closed
Kris Kabala created an issue

how to reproduce:

  • create a PR with a long file changes
  • add a comment to 2nd part of content, lets say its a 50 line
  • to verify the issue, add also a comment to e.g. 10 line
  • move changes from line 50 to another file

what happen:

  • there is a "2" comment icon on the top (file list)
  • there is only 1 comment displayed on the file preview

how it should work:

  • when I add a comment to line 50, then move the code to another file or reverse the changes back, the comment should be displayed e.g. above the file or anywhere but should NOT disappear :)

Im not sure if its bug or feature but its very annoying

Comments (2)

  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi Kris,

    In this scenario, there should be a button in the file header (next to the "Side-by-side diff" button) with the label "1 prior comment" that allows you to view these outdated comments.


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