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Issue #166 resolved
Mads Sülau Valstorp Jørgensen
created an issue

The action button should always be placed on the far right.

As an example, on the report issue page, the cancel button is on the right side, which is confusing.

This is a general issue that should cover all pages that contain buttons.

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  1. Mads Sülau Valstorp Jørgensen reporter

    That is a very interesting article. Has a couple of good points to it.

    My only source of infomation is that trac places the button on the right, and that trac seems to be the de-facto standard for open source project issue trackers.

    I've just taken a look at mantis, who don't even have a cancel button on their report issue page. Mabye that could also be an option?

  2. Eirik Stavem

    Added a delete-button class now, not sure if the red is red enough? :)

    Using it on the "Delele repository"-button in repo admin now, are there more places it should be used?

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