Scheduled builds are not starting at designated time (BP-2709)

Issue #16720 open
Jesse Yowell
staff created an issue

Scheduled pipelines have an hour offset in certain timezones which are causing a scheduled build delay.

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  1. Piotr Plewa staff

    So I think the issue is that JavaScript don’t know the timezone and is guessing it with what knows (which is the offset from UTC) this may result in date being created in wrong timezone but there’s not much we could do about it with current implementation.

    We should probably redesign this and add ability to specify user timezone to remove any ambiguity.

    That said, I have never actually manage to reproduce this issue and would really appreciate a video showing exactly which timezone user is in and what date the pipeline has been created (preferably the POST request with cron data)

  2. Caleb Cushing

    Also possibly some weirdisms because I had moved timezones... I live in central, but I was at my parents house in eastern. Would be useful at least to know what time/zone it thinks it's in in the display. I will see about a video maybe later.

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