Watching repository in new source browser doesn't watch all items

Issue #16751 resolved
Jesse Yowell
staff created an issue

In the original source browser we had specific items to watch:

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 2.06.12 PM.png

The problem with the new source browser is, it supposedly covers everything, but we're unable to see if a specific item can be seen (i.e. commits):

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 2.27.32 PM.png

If you look under the Notifications menu, you won't see any specific items being watched. Just an overview of all repositories.

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  1. Tyler Tadej staff

    Notifications options have been added to the New Source Browser. Open the Manage notifications menu option in the source browser menu to manage your repository subscriptions.

    Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.57.58 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.58.33 AM.png

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