Source View subfolder/ files not listed.

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Karl McCartney created an issue

I have a repo which has a number of sub-folders which are themselves self-contained demo projects. There is a at the root of the repo but I also have in the sub-folders as each sub-folder needs a readme.

Bug: is that in the bitbucket web portal source view does not show the in the sub-folders.

Have left as a major as why are files being hidden???

Cloning the repo locally gets all files in correct locations. So is just a grid view issue on the web page..

Feature Request: Would also be nice if in the sub-folder the content was displayed like it does in the repo root...

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  1. Nate Pickett

    I am experiencing the same behavior. In addition, direct url reference in of the in the subfolder comes up with the following message:

    Hmm... can't find that one That file or directory doesn’t exist. Go back to the previous page and try another one.

    It would be nice to be able to view in bitbucket.

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