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Issue #1676 resolved

Forking private repository as public

Ryan Schumacher
created an issue

Issue When a reader/writer forks a private repository he may "appear" to fork it as public.

Result This will create a forked project, but it will be empty and an error message is displayed. The user may still goto the the empty project.

Suggested Solution A reader/writer should not have permission to fork a private project as public.

A project which is private should probably not be allowed to be forked as public unless the project has been changed to public.

Comments (3)

  1. Henrik Johansson

    I haven't actually tested this since i don't want to create dummy users just for testing (i am admin to all the private projects i have access to).

    Does this mean that while the Fork functionality is available the result is not that a private repo is exported to public?

    If that is the case than its a bug but not a critical one.

    +1 still.

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