Store different dockers in the cache built in parallel steps

Issue #16761 resolved
Arik Yelovitch
created an issue

Be able to name thr dockers in order to be able and cache different dockers that are built in parallel steps.

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  1. Arik Yelovitch reporter

    Sure thing,

    I have 2 parallel steps (soon to be 3) that build dockers for different modules we have to deploy on our servers. In the current configuration I can store only one docker in the cache and by that save more than 50% of the build time. But it useless since I always wait for the other job to do the build from scratch.

    On top of that, I would like to sperate different caches for production deploy and for the staging one (just to be safe).

    Thank you, Arik

  2. Raul Gomis staff

    Hi @Arik Yelovitch,

    Thanks for sharing your use case. At the moment, docker layers caching is limited to 1GB compressed and only one parallel step would generate a cache if you run them in parallel.

    In Docker 1.13, the docker build command introduced a new option --cache-from, which allows to specify one or more tagged images as a cache source. The image generated in the build can also be used as a cache source in another Docker build. This might help to improve the performance of your build and save build time.


    docker build \
      --cache-from $IMAGE:latest \
      --tag $IMAGE:latest \


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