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Kim Egede Jakobsen created an issue

Would like to see a much more detailed pipeline usage for organization.

Currently it's (only) possible to see usage for current month. If checked the day after "reset day", it isn't possible to see previous month(s). And that makes it harder to improve our build times.

Would be nice to see average build time per repo as well. To know what the median of builds are for a repo, to pinpoint where the issue occurred.

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  1. Aneita Yang

    Thanks for the suggestion @Kim Egede Jakobsen.

    I can see why having access to this information is useful. We're currently tracking this request on issue #13637 - I encourage you to vote for that issue if it is something that you're interested in. We currently don't have any plans to support this feature any time soon; however, please watch the issue as we'll be providing updates on our status and progress.

  2. Kim Egede Jakobsen reporter

    Thank you for your feedback, sorry to hear it isn't plan already. Will vote & watch the other issue :)

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