Credential manager failure

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Alex Denisov created an issue

Environment: latest windows 10 freshly installed reinstalled from scratch + latest windows git client installed with all the defaults:

When trying to access my repo pops up a window to enter credentials which are not accepted:

git.exe pull -v --progress "origin"

remote: Invalid username or password. If your organization manages your account or you've enabled two-step verification, create an app password to log in:
fatal: Authentication failed for ''

I do NOT use the two-step verification.

If I close that window, it proceeds with command CLI stdin wrapper, which accepts everything, but the passwords aren't stored in the windows credential manager

I can also run git clone https://username:password@... , so the credentials that I am entering are ok.

"git credential-manager version" reports
Git Credential Manager for Windows version 1.16.2

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