Bitbucket may have lost my files. Stuck in Loop.

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George Deprez created an issue
  1. New private repo:
  2. added 2 text files.
  3. Checked out to local system using SourceTree. Made some changes, commit, push.
  4. Bitbucket shows updated listing in <>Source. And Commits show correct commits.
    When I select the repo/<>Source, I see a listing of my files. Great!!!
  5. Now, I select one of the text files in the listing, but I get error message
    "Hmm... can't find that one
    That file or directory doesn’t exist. Go back to the previous page and try another one."
  6. So, I hit the back button as instructed and the listing is missing my files except for
  7. Next, I panic ("Where are my files") ... select <>Source again ... ok I see my files listed ... Great!!!
  8. Goto 5.

Please help ... I am stuck in a loop.

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  1. james hill

    temp solution to this would be to turn off "New source browser experience BETA".
    This can be found at: account (Bottom left) > BitBucket Labs > New source browser experience BETA.

    Hope this helps, let me know if it works for u

  2. Ioannis Chronakis

    I have exactly the same issue with a directory in a repository today. Turning off the "New source browser experience BETA" solved it temporarily.

  3. Els van der Roest

    That helped! I actually am still figuring out everything, so kept thinking it was my mistake. Finally, I can see my files now, took at least 2 hours for me as well... But why is this a temporary solved issue? What else should you do to completely solve it?

  4. james hill

    This is only temporary because this does not fix the bug, if u reenable the beta feature you will have the same problem again. This just stops the bug from happening by not using the feature that causes the bug. I feel this has already been brought to the attention of the developers, but u can always go log a bug request again

  5. Victoryamerica

    Thank You! This has caused me several hours of head scratching and this tip helped the issue.

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