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We are using bitbucket to manage our real time digital archaeology project. We also have paid for one year subscription. While everything is fine and dandy when editing code, editing the wiki has been causing a lot of problems around here.

Since our wiki is also used by non-technical users(archaeologists) to review requirements, they face a lot of problems when editing a wiki page that contains images. Because of this most users went back to using word documents.

I would like to propose the following enhancements which:

  • Have an alternative way to upload images. Have something on the server side that can auto-commit to the wiki when an image is added through the browser.
  • Ability to attach files to the wiki pages. This is important because if one wants to change the image and upload it, they should have the source (word file, powerpoint file etc..). (May be you can use a hidden issue for this.)
  • Ability to export a wiki page to word and pdf files.

If these issues are not fixed soon, you may loose us. I hate for to move out to a chaotic world just because I can't upload an image to the wiki.

Thanks, -S-

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  1. Jesper Noehr
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    How about having your non-techies upload the images under the "Downloads tab", and have them use the "insert image" button in the WYSIWYG editor? They can simply copy the link from the uploaded "Download" and paste it there.

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