changegroup.oberon hook raises exception after computer change

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I have changed computer and now when I do a push to the repository I get the following exception even though the push is successful. The changes make it to the repo but my user profile is not matched up with the checkin. Here is the error:

searching for changes adding changesets adding manifests adding file changes added 3 changesets with 39 changes to 35 files (-1 heads) bb/acl: mspradley is allowed. accepted payload. quota: 15.6 MB in use, 500.0 MB available (3.12% used) error: changegroup.oberon hook raised an exception: UserProfile matching query does not exist. [command completed successfully Sun Jan 31 14:00:28 2010]

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  1. impirus reporter

    Yes. The local hgrc file for the bitbucket repo has the path to my bitbucket repo and my user name and password in it. It is the result of an exact copy of my development directory (which contains many mercurial repos) to my new computer. This was the result of a backup/restore because my old computer crashed.

    I was wondering if it had something to do with the http headers since the my new computer name is different. Right now the pushes show my computer name in the change logs.

  2. Matt Spradley

    The problem was in the global .hgrc. I assumed that the username was extracted from the username/password put in the [paths] setting of my .hgrc file which is used to connect to bitbucket.

    My new machine also had a global .hgrc file with a [ui] username setting that had "< >" after the username. This was throwing the hook off.

    I put [ui] username settings in my local .hgrc files without any <'s or >'s and it works now.

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