Bitbucket diff shows blank screen, errors in console

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Jon Hooker created an issue

Steps to reproduce: Log into bitbucket Choose source view Find any file you wish to diff Switch to diff view * Screen goes blank

The following errors show up in the browser console (Chrome and Firefox tested)

TypeError: e is undefined Stack trace: t/<@ t/<@ value@ value@ ji@ Mi@ pa@ ha@ Za@ Ga@ Va@ Ha@ ya@ enqueueSetState@ viRO/x.prototype.setState@ t@ h/d</t.prototype.componentWillMount/<@ a@ T/<@ l@ nrWrapper@

Unhandled promise rejection 

columnNumber: 252200

fileName: ""

lineNumber: 1

message: "e is undefined"

stack: "t/<@\nt/<@\nvalue@\nvalue@\nji@\nMi@\npa@\nha@\nZa@\nGa@\nVa@\nHa@\nya@\nenqueueSetState@\nviRO/x.prototype.setState@\nt@\nh/d</t.prototype.componentWillMount/<@\na@\nT/<@\nl@\nnrWrapper@\n"

__proto__: Object { stack: "",  }

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