Incorrect default reviewer while creating a PR

Issue #16936 closed
Ronald Chia
staff created an issue


While creating a PR from Branch page on a Fork repository, the PR is getting the parent/main repo's default reviewer configuration instead of the Fork repo's default reviewer

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Set up default reviewer on the parent/main repo
  2. Create a fork
  3. Set up different default reviewer on the fork repo
  4. Navigate to Branch page
  5. Click on any branch then create a new PR

Expected Results

With the fork's repo name select at the beginning, it's expected that it's getting the "Default reviewer" from the Fork repo's

Actual(Current) Results

The newly created PR is getting the "default reviewer" configuration from parent/main repo instead of the fork repo's configuration ForkDefaultReviewer-size.gif

Comments (6)

  1. Pim Jansen

    How can this be intentional? This means that with a fork you can never set your own reviewers locally? Its a very weird design pick if you ask me where the original of the fork will mostly be a complete different team. They will never review a PR that is not created towards the fork so why will they then be a reviewer on that?

  2. Daniel Tao staff

    @Pim Jansen Sorry for the confusion. While this change was intentional (see #16647), you are right to question the decision. The TL;DR is that despite closing this ticket as a duplicate, we actually did fix this issue.

    The truth is that default reviewers should depend on the destination repository for a pull request. If the pull request targets the parent repo, then the default reviewers of that repo should be added. If it targets the fork, it should be the default reviewers configured for the fork.

    This is how it works today. There was a brief period of 1–2 days when we goofed and made the logic so that the default reviewers for the parent repo were always added, regardless of destination repository; but as I said this is now fixed.

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