Issue #16997 closed
Yohanes Zhuang
created an issue

Pipelines build setup is VERY slow (4 times slower then usual) when cloning the repository.
This is very bad for us because it takes our pipelines minutes quota.

Can you advice how to resolve this and how are you going to compensate for this loses?

Thank you

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  1. Drew Tipson

    We're experiencing the same thing periodically. No steps are taken, not even the environment setup/cloning seems to run, and then eventually we hit our timeout of 6 minutes and the build fails, but the 6 minutes are then counted against our account. Sometimes it will get to the git clone --branch="master" stage, but then there's no response and we see the same result. I don't think it's a pipeline config issue either, as the build will sometimes run just fine. The status site doesn't show any outages, but the effect is the same as when there were reported pipelines outages.

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