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Sergiy Zinovyev created an issue

Hello Team,

During a review process on Pull Request pages developers post comments with URLs to external resources that are not on

By clicking on such URLs I do not want to leave Pull Request web page. I want a new Tab to be opened in browser.

Could you add such possibility?

Thanks in advance

-- Sergiy Zinovyev

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff


    This feature exists in the new pull request experience public beta, which is now available for opt-in.

    We created the new experience to help reviewers assess changes more quickly. You can read more about all the new features of the new UI at the Bitbucket blog.

    To opt-in and try the new experience,

    1. Click your avatar in the Bitbucket sidebar
    2. Select Bitbucket Labs.
    3. Enable the New pull request experience feature

    Note: some features from the existing experience have not been migrated to the new experience yet. Click here for more details.

    Bitbucket PM

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