bitbucket says file not found in repo - but clean clone of repo contains file (all master branch)

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bfarnham created an issue

I added a file to the repo (master branch) - the 'source' webview shows the file, but when I click on it to view it (it's a markdown file) bitbucket says the file is not found. If I make a clean clone of the repo to my computer - the file is there.

My question: Why does bitbucket say the file is missing?

3 attached images...

  1. file-shown-in-source-view.PNG shows the file is there (apparently) in the master branch.

  2. file-not-found-when-i-click-on-it.PNG but when I click on the file to view it (from the source view) the file is not found

  3. can-view-file-when-i-click-thru-from-commit-listing.PNG but if I go to the commits view, I see the file in the commits listing. From there I can view the file

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