Login redirects to dashboard instead of the page you were in

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teo created an issue

Steps to reproduce:

  • make sure you are not logged in
  • go to a project's issue tracker so as to report a new bug (or anywhere for that matter), e.g.
  • click on the "log in" link that is usually everywhere. For example, if you were to report a bug, it says "You may want to log in [...] before creating an issue", so click there to do precisely that
  • enter your login credentials

after succesful login, it should redirect to the page where you were when you clicked on "log in".

after succesfully logging in, you are redirected to the freaking dashboard, and lose track of where you were. I hate websites that redirect you to some fixed url after logging in instead of redirecting you back to where you were. It should be punished with death. It's especially annoying when you are explicitly encouraged to log in before you "continue" doing something, but it's annoying and wrong also in every other case, unless there's a very good reason for not being able to figure out where the user came from before login, or for not being able to redirect them there.

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