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Issue #17066 resolved
Gaurav Patel created an issue

See details here on Microsoft blog post:

This is a major show stopper for us and many people who rely on VSTS connecting to Bitbucket.

Please advise on ETA of resolution.

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  1. Gaurav Patel reporter

    Realized that this should probably be a support ticket so I submitted one. Not sure what to do with this bug.

  2. Gaurav Patel reporter

    They responded to me 5 hours ago but the issue is still there:

    "We reviewed this issue and reached out to our team internally.
    Currently, we can see that VSTS is appending the double slash to your repository remote URL.

    We've raised an internal ticket and we are now reviewing it.

    We will provide an update on this ticket as soon as we have identified what is causing this error.

    Appreciate your patience while we review this further."

  3. Gaurav Patel reporter


    Are you seeing the same issue with double slash in the urls?

    Appears that their team is still looking into it. Meanwhile looking for workaround so we can get our builds back on track.

    "Our team are still working on it. We'll update you once we have something to update."

  4. David Russell

    I've just checked again this morning and VSTS builds are now working for us today. I can see the middle 'double-slash' has been fixed. Let's hope the mitigation fix sticks ;)

  5. Gaurav Patel reporter

    Yes confirmed that it is fixed for us too since about ~11am PST. Yes, lets hope VSTS mitigation is not re-reverted :)

  6. Yana Bazulina staff

    Our team has addressed this issue. If you experience any further issues please raise a support ticket with us and we will investigate individually!

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