There's no way to escape the pipe ("|") character on Markdown

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Leonardo Montiel staff created an issue

According to, in order to make a markdown table on Bitbucket it's necessary to use the "|" character, like this for example:

| Day     | Meal    | Price |
| --------|---------|-------|
| Monday  | pasta   | $6    |
| Tuesday | chicken | $8    |

However, it's not possible to escape the character using a backlash, or any other character for that matter. This means that you basically can't use the Pipe character outside of tables, and you also can't use it as a character on the table itself.

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  1. Petr Matuska

    Just want to support this issue as it is really painful not to be able to use "|" for documenting terminal commands... using "I" (like capital i) is only nasty work around :-(

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