Comments on the pull requests page should be collapsible.

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Lip Leon Saw staff created an issue

On a pull request page, it can be a hassle to scroll all the way down if it has multiple long comments.

It would be great if we can collapse the comments or be able to change the order to show the latest comment on the top to make it easier to review the latest comment.

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  1. Ronald Rey

    Usually comments are placed in a specific line for context, I don't think Bitbucket should move the comment somewhere else where it was placed by the user.

    I think the best experience would be to include a button or checkbox to toggle their visibility. This is what GitHub does, and what inspired the same feature in the Refined Bitbucket extension:



  2. ben arundel

    When using a pipeline to build from a pull request the comments (feedback from the build) do not go in line with the code, they are at the top of the pull request so the ability to at least order the comments with the latest on first will make bitbucket more user-friendly.

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