Backtick code formatting + hyphen code formatting breaks

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Sam Roberton created an issue

To reproduce: 1. In the markdown editor, type "foo -- bar"

Expected outcome: * the double-hyphen turns into an em dash when you type space after typing the second hyphen (this does happen), and then the code fragment turns into a code fragment when you type the second backtick

Actual outcome: * when you type the second backtick, the em dash turns back into two hyphens, the space before the first backtick is deleted, and the code fragment turns into a code fragment that starts with a backtick

I'm guessing there's an off-by-one error caused by not being sure whether to count the em dash as one or two characters. Or maybe just broken unicode handling.

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  1. Sam Roberton reporter

    The markdown editor behind this issue is apparently broken, too: the list and bullet points in the issue description above where created with the formatting buttons that the markdown editor provide, but they're not rendering as a list or bullet points.

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