Pipelines uses only color to indicate success/failure on single run page

Issue #17261 open
Rachael Ludwick
created an issue

If you have a Pipelines build page open up (e.g. you opened your latest pushed commit's build), then it's displaying various information. At some point, the overall pipeline run will fail or succeed. When this happens, the only indicators are:

  • If you put text in your pipelines yaml to say success
  • A green bar with an image of a green check at the top left or a red bar with an alert icon.

The latter is not very accessible to people with color issue. I have invert colors turned on and with my curren vision issues, it's really hard to distinguish the icon from the bar of color ... which is now some other color.

Could the individual pipelines build pages clearly indicate with some kind of textual indicator of success or failure? The Pipelines overview page does this with "Successful" and "Failed" text.

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  1. Jonathon Lowe staff

    Hi Rachael, Sorry to hear you're having trouble.

    We currently have tooltips on the success and failed Icons (as well as the build status icons on each step) to indicate the status of the pipeline textually.

    We always try to do our best to support accessibilities where we can, so far we have implemented AA color contrast, tooltips, and tab-able content. Is it specifically difficult for you to see the icons with the inverted colors ? Do the step icons help with this regard as they aren't backed by any colour ? I would love to hear more about your particular problems and how we can improve accessibility in general within Bitbucket.

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