For BitBucket Cloud, enable to add description or tagging for restricted IP addresses in "Team Settings => Access Control => IP Whitelisting".

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Şafak Ulusoy created an issue

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  1. Jonathan Macpherson

    Great feature request, I second it! Being about to add a description and tag (for grouping) for each IP entry, plus the Date when the IP address was added to the list.

    Well, we are at it, this feature would be handy but not a must, Time to Live (TTL) for an IP Entry, this way we can add temporary access for an IP and not have to remember to go back to remover it later.

  2. Jeremy Ferguson

    Atlassian staff might like deleting random IP's but I don't. I have to maintain a notepad document with the IP's and names/descriptions of the IP's since bitbucket doesn't offer this basic functionality. Considering we have to pay for this feature, I would have expected some extremely basic features. Or will the ability to name IP's cost more money? 😂

  3. Berry Jordaan

    +1 Having a list of IP's without knowing where they go? Seems like an oversight. Give me descriptions or give me death!

  4. Jason Lum

    +1 Need to be able to track IP's easily without a spreadsheet floating around somewhere... There comes a time when an IP needs to be updated or removed!

  5. Bradley Hayes

    +1 Def need this as we are keeping a copy of the ip list to track who’s ip is what etc...
    We also need to use the same IP list for our own systems,
    so we also want the ability to add/remove ip’s via API or add a webhook for when an IP is added/removed.

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