Run Pipeline for A Branch only shows 50 pipelines

Issue #17270 open
Stephane Odul
created an issue

We have about 76 pipelines in our bitbucket-pipelines.yml file, with more planned. Unfortunately when we try to run a custom pipeline for a branch we only see 50 of the pipelines, and some of our more important pipelines have now overflown from the view.

We tested with Safari and Chrome and got the same results.

Please add the ability to select more pipelines.

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  1. Aneita Yang staff
    • changed status to open

    Hi @Stephane Odul,

    Thanks for reaching out and for raising this.

    We've created a ticket in our backlog to investigate this in more detail. We're currently working on some higher priority features so depending on the amount of work required to support this, it may be possible that we won't support this until early next year.

    Please continue to watch this ticket - I'll provide updates on our progress via this issue.


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