Pipeline failure reports not processed

Issue #17314 open
Nelson Ruivo
created an issue

In this pipeline build: https://bitbucket.org/stringbasic/fxbacktester/addon/pipelines/home#!/results/108/steps/%7Bbae33065-801c-47dc-a7e6-b94949699679%7D/artifacts

the folder test-reports was not taking into consideration and the failure reports not processed, attached the xml reports.

Thanks, Nelson

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  1. Graham Gatus staff

    @Nelson Ruivo , what tool/library are you using to generate the junit style reports? Another similar issue was reported a few days ago with TSLint generated reports, I'm still waiting to hear back what particular library was used (https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/17369/junit-tests-not-being-parsed). Our test parsing is dependent on the 'count', 'failure' and 'error' attributes being present within <testsuite> elements, and I can see in your example that these values are missing. As I mentioned in the other issue, we may consider hardening test reporting to be more tolerant of files missing these attributes.

  2. Graham Gatus staff

    @Nelson Ruivo heres an example with with failures , errors and tests counts that is parsed and correctly renders results in the UI:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <testsuite name="ExampleTest" time="0.034" tests="4" errors="1" skipped="1" failures="1">
    <testcase name="testFailure" classname="ExampleTest" time="0.026">
        <failure message="Expected a but received b"><![CDATA[The full stack trace
    <testcase name="testError" classname="ExampleTest" time="0">
        <error message="an error occurred">java.lang.RuntimeException: an error occurred
            at ExampleTest.testError(ExampleTest.java:19)
    <testcase name="testSkipped" classname="ExampleTest" time="0">
    <testcase name="testSuccess" classname="ExampleTest" time="0"/>

    We've raised a ticket on our backlog to support test reports that dont include these totals, and instead infer them by counting <failure>, <error>, <skipped> elements. Keep an eye on this ticket for further updates.

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