BBQL on permissions API should accept user UUIDs with curlies

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Ian Dick
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Reported by a vendor:

I need to check if a given user (knowing its uuid) is an admin of the account where our application was installed. To do that, I'm calling:

/2.0/teams/<team uuid>/permissions?q=user.uuid="<user uuid>" AND permission = "admin"

It was not working until I realized that the uuid passed in the BBQL query should not have its curly braces (while this is required in the URL path segments).

This works:

This doesn't:

Is it the expected behavior? Can I rely on this to continue working the same in the future? > Or is it a bug that may eventually be fixed and then will break our integration?

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  1. hakim

    Not sure where to put this, but I am successfully using this using my UUID user IDs, in place of the integer IDs. Just wanted to document it publicly in case anyone else tries to do this.

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