Timezone problems on Scheduled pipelines

Issue #17429 open
Nilson Pontello
created an issue

It is very confusing how bitbucket UI displays scheduled pipelines. I never know when they will actually run because UI is somehow messing up with time zones.

Attached you can see a few screenshots of a schedule pipeline where:

  • I selected it to run every Friday between 01:00 and 02:00 (this is what I want, my timezone - BRT)
  • It says it is going to run every Friday between 04:00 and 05:00 (it is probably what I want but displaying using UTC. For my use cases it is irrelevant but OK)
  • After saved, UI displays it will run every Thursday at 01:AM (I have no idea about what timezone is being used here but it is deftly none of the above two)


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