Pipeline stuck at Build Setup step

Issue #17464 resolved
Duy Nguyen (Dewey)
created an issue

Hi Support,

Can you please check why pipeline stuck at the Build setup step:

https://bitbucket.org/bookease/apps/addon/pipelines/home#!/results/324 ?

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  1. Dr. William Ross Morrow

    I just came here to ask that.

    I have two repos, one that runs the pipeline and one that doesn't. They have the same code (AFAIK) minus some configuration changes inside the code that actually runs that should be irrelevant to the pipeline.

  2. Aneita Yang staff

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    We had an issue with pipelines which resulted in builds being unable to run. The issue has since been resolved. If you're still experiencing problems, can you please raise a support ticket so that we can look at your repository in more detail?

    I apologise for the inconvenience.


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