[Branch permissions] Changes to pull request approval requests (prevent own approval from counting)

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Alex Goris
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It seems that since #5652 was implemented, we have the ability in Bitbucket cloud to require a pull request to have a minimum number of approvals, before a user is able to merge it.

It seems however that currently users are able to approve their own pull requests, and have that approval count towards the required number of approvals. This kind of defeats the purpose of this feature, I want one other member of a dev team to approve of a pull request, before it can be merged into a production branch. The act of creating a pull request could be considered the creating user approving his code (why would they create the PR otherwise?).

Taking into account that some people might have a use for this (from my perspective) odd behavior, I would suggest to make this configurable, somewhere near the required number of approvals field in the branch permissions page.

As a workaround we're currently requiring 2 approvals on PR's, and asking users to immediately approve their PR after they've created it, but explaining that to a developer is really hard...

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