Our repository is reporting incorrect overall size of 3GB, when in reality it is about 1GB.

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Juliusz Kopczewski
created an issue

I believe your service incorrectly computed that our repository size is 3GB. This is pretty much impossible. First a single commit that took no time to send pushed it from 1GB to 2GB. Then the reported size increased from 2GB to 3GB after we actually deleted some commits.

Could you please run maintenance commands such as git gc, git prune on the remote size to get the repository size back to its correct range. We did try removing last sent commits in order to trigger an automatic gc on the remote size, but that doesn't seem to be working. In fact it seems to have the adverse effect - as described above.

This is time critical issue for us. Our work is currently paralyzed because of this issue. I have developers wasting their time waiting for this problem to be removed.

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  1. Juliusz Kopczewski reporter

    Okay, it seems like i was able to force the gc by deleting some more commits. It is a very annoying issue, when it happens.

    I would advise investigating what exactly is causing it. However for now you may close this issue.

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