Add a proper error message for revert PR commits with merge conflicts

Issue #17583 new
Leonardo Montiel staff created an issue

When attempting to revert a PR which would cause conflicts and needs to be fixed locally, all that Bitbucket throws on the user interface is "Something went wrong" + an error code.

It would be nice to have a message stating that reverting the PR would cause a conflict, and for this reason, the conflicts need to be fixed locally before proceeding.

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  1. Arnold Yang

    Encountered the nebulous "Something went wrong" error while attempting to revert a PR as well. Please implement this so users do not need to create a ticket with support and wait a few days for a response. Thank you.

  2. Mustapha EL-KABOUS

    it's will be good to show message about the reason why not, it's more helpfull for users :)

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