Bitbucket doesn't accept my uploaded photo

Issue #1759 resolved
Bastian Doetsch created an issue

... and there's no option to remove an uploaded foto so it uses gravatar :). Find attached the image that I can't activate...

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  1. Derek Jones

    Oddly, some times I can successfully upload an image, but it resizes it to 14x14px instead of 35x35, regardless of the source image size.

  2. Bastian Doetsch reporter
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    If you try to open the image directly the following error is shown (I tried again, with a different pic, therefore the different pic name):


    <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>
  3. Bastian Doetsch reporter

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    Hi Jesper, for me it still doesnt work:

    <Error> <Code>NoSuchKey</Code> <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message> <Key>c/photos/2010/Mar/12/profile_pic_48x_avatar.jpg</Key> <RequestId>B5DD52DAD8B4CDB8</RequestId>


    <HostId> LkP3/dYia2M25lzA7Q6t8/yjOor/Ql7X+seEI6Wj209td4+LXO7901UDimbPXK2V </HostId> </Error>

    2010/3/12 <>

  4. Justin Chester

    I tried uploading an image, and it worked initially, but now nothing is displayed. I tried resizing the image up from 32x32 to 35x35 and I tried switching to a different format (from PNG to JPG) but nothing worked. All I have now is the empty box, which just looks sad :(

    Trying to view my image directly yields the following error:

    This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

    <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>
  5. Eirik Stavem

    Sorry about this guys, until we get a fix in place, just email and give us your username so we can remove your avatar, and you can optionally fall back to gravatar.

  6. Raffaele Sgarro

    It seems that an image bigger than 35x35 does the trick. Maybe problems with resizing routines? Or maybe just luck!

  7. Dries Desmet

    I can confirm Raffele's finding. I uploaded an image 120x120 and it started working. The garbled pixels I had with that image when I tried this last week (a scaling issue) have disappeared. I retried my 35x35 images and that still doesn't work.

  8. Michael Ziegler

    I can confirm Raffaele's workaround for repositories as well, so it seems it's not just users' avatars...

  9. Luís Brás

    I, too, confirm Raffaele's workaround. Finally my repository has a logo :-). I tried with a 36x36 and 100x100, but to no avail. Only a 200x200 jpg did the trick.

  10. David Chambers

    I've tried images of different sizes — including the "magical" 200x200 — without success. I haven't managed to get an image to appear at all. I've tried different file formats, too. :(

  11. Łukasz Langa

    I can confirm: a 35x35 png failed, a 140x140 png failed, a 140x140 jpg works. Maybe it's the alpha channel?

  12. DR0ID

    An 35x35 pixel png without compression (made with gmip) worked for me. First I tryed other png's with compression but they didn't work, maybe it is a problem with compression?

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