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I created a pipeline build to learn. It created the pipeline build in the master branch. Since I don't know much about Pipeline, I want to remove it but, could not find a way to delete it.

If there is no way to delete a build then I would want to propose a feature that enables a user to delete the Pipeline build built by the user himself/herself.

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  1. Aneita Yang staff


    Thanks for taking the time to reach out.

    You can stop Pipelines from running by going into your repository Settings > Pipelines > Settings.

    Currently, there is no way to delete pipelines that have already been run from the UI. The Pipelines list is a history of all pipelines that have been run, and also serves as a method for users to trace their build minutes usage. Given this, being able to delete items from the history list is unlikely to be something that we support.

    If the main reason you'd like to delete the pipeline from the UI is for cleanliness of your repository, you can fork your repository and start fresh.

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