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Issue #1769 duplicate

Uploading avatar does not work

Petras Zdanavičius
created an issue

I have find out that my avatar does not show at bitbucket website. So I have tried to upload it several times.

Each time pictures does not show on screen.

When I have tried to open image in browsers tab I get """

NoSuchKeyThe specified key does not exist.c/photos/2009/Dec/30/bb_small_avatar.png8968F919A9146A2CrD45/LXo70ejlTxgJy03XJZYpBtrcBZYMoNkC7UzLHo47l16LRtCNYdkwbiS2sQ7

""" error message. This error is commits listing.

When I have tried to open image from top right - it just time outs